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Group Information

Rainbow Engineering Industry LLC belongs to Gulf Radiant Group, a prominent and vibrant business group established in the Emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates in year 2001. Gulf Radiant Group has built a reputation for professionalism, as a trusted one-stop supplier of electrical, electro-mechanical, building material, oil and gas, industrial and allied technical engineering products since the turn of the century.

Gulf Radiant Group handles requirements for electrical, utility, instrumentation, automation, machinery, hydraulics, pneumatics, flow control, insulation, oil and gas, communications, security, mechanical, hardware, tools, metals, custom fabrication, and many allied products.

An impressive network of clients
Gulf Radiant Group's clientele and target segments include:

  • Power Plants, Substations, Transmission and Distribution Plants
  • Water and Desalination Plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Oil and Gas Fields – Offshore, Onshore, Platforms and Rigs
  • Hydro-carbon and Petrochemical Projects, and Refineries
  • Chemical and Fertilizer Plants
  • Cement, Sugar, Paper, Steel and Aluminium Plants
  • Airports, Aircraft Hangers, Civil Aviation Projects
  • Seaports – Reefer Platforms, Container Terminals, Ship Chandlers
  • Roads, Bridges, Tunnels and Railway Metro Projects
  • Large Scale Housing Development and Civil Construction Projects
  • District Cooling Plants
  • Re-export Market

and more.



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